Strategy settings allow you to adjust what is currently important for you in your business cycle. By changing the settings you tell our system how to change service levels, which is a parameter determining how available are your products to customers. In reality, changing strategy settings tells our system what products should be Winners in the Winners and Losers section.

We wanted to simplify the settings so we chose the 4 most common settings you will find in retail:

1. Profit

This setting will mainly focus on increasing the profitability of your business. By setting this strategy you make your most profitable products a priority for Winners.

2. Revenue

This setting puts products, which create the most revenue a priority for Winners regardless of the profitability of these products.

3. Sales frequency 

This setting looks at what items are most frequently sold and makes this parameter a priority for Winners. It looks at items, which people most commonly buy, but doesn't consider how much they buy. 

4. Sales quantity 

The last strategy setting looks at items that are sold in most quantities regardless of the actual amount of customers who create the sales. 

Changing strategy settings takes some time to have an effect. At a minimum, you should wait until the next day, after the night calculations take place to see any difference. You can change strategy settings as you wish, but it is advisable to make these changes only a couple of times a year maximum.