To make your data work best for you, we have to understand the Winners already present in your portfolio, and the Losers, too.

When Inventoro knows which are which, it is ready to calculate optimum orders and inventory levels. Of course it’s important for you as an owner or manager to fully understand the strengths and weaknesses within your portfolio as well.

You can differentiate your marketing strategy for top products, for those which are strongly seasonal, and for those which are declining in sales, or increasing. With one click you can segment your portfolio by profitability, revenue share, or sales frequency. Again, with one click you can see what products you should get rid of immediately. 

We know that reducing stock levels of Losers is not as easy as it looks, but there are ways to do it. You can run promotions on these products, discount them, or you can try to negotiate a buyback with your supplier. You can even include these products as a gift with every customer order. Inventoro focuses on the Winners, making sure they are always in stock while ensuring you don’t hold too much inventory in your Losers.