Bundles are the simplest way of BOM. BOM is the acronym for bill of materials. A BOM is a listing of the quantities of each of the materials used to manufacture a product.

You'll find this new feature in Strategy Settings, see tab Bundles

So, how to create a bundle? 

Step 1. Click on the button Add bundle on the top. 

Then you can select an existing bundle from a list of items.

After this you must confirm that you would like to create a new bundle from the existing SKU (item or product). 

You'll see this bundle in the list. 

Now we can move on to the next step which is to

Step 2. Add a new item into the bundle. See point num. 1 on the image below.

Step 3. The next step (see number 2) is to add the required quantity of an item for this bundle. See an example, you'll need 2 pieces of Milk for this "Ready to go basket". 

Step 4. The last step is just to click on the Save button to confirm this operation.

Inventoro will calculate optimum Purchase order proposals including the necessary quantity for bundles.

That's it.

Have a great day!