The core concept of our automation tool for orders is simple. Based on our forecasting model, we know with a high level of certainty the amount and size of your future sales. In addition, we know the amount of items you have in stock for all your branches. We source this information via an API connection to your e-shop or ERP platform. From there we can easily calculate how much stock needs to be ordered to supply demand. 

In a way we use the same process shop owners use, but they do it off the top of their head and based on their experience. Inventoro, however, leaves intuition to those who want to guess. All our recommendations are based on hard numbers and forecast calculations. This is the most important feature of our software. 

The main reason why automation in replenishment is so useful is that it is beyond all human brain capacity to remember and evaluate all the possibilities and factors that need to be taken into account. There are so many calculations which take place in sales forecasting that it’s impossible to evaluate them all on paper or on Excel, not to mention in a business owner’s head.  

How to use Orders in Inventoro

In the Orders section you can easily find every order for every warehouse, store, and product. You can filter this list by time, suppliers, warehouses or stores,even by products. Everything is ready to export to Excel.